Senior's Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to the shoot?
Depending on your package option, if you are buying a package that contains another outfit from your cap and gown and yearbook pose, your best bet would be to wear that outfit and be ready to shoot. Also check out our full article on Wardrobe and Makeup Guide here.

What about my hair and make up?
We expect every senior to come in and ready to shoot. Options are available in advance to book a makeup and hair artist on the 1hr and larger shoots if desired.

Will there be someone making sure my hair/makeup is ok during the shoot?
We do our best to ensure we keep major fly-away hairs or anything pretty obvious under control. Keeping an eye for smudges or anything that jump out. However, we strongly recommend seniors bring a parent or friend that can assist them in touching up to their full liking. 15min sessions can get pretty busy and having extra pair of eyes specifically for you can improve the outcome of your photos.

How long is my photo shoot?
The length of your session is determined by the package you have purchased. If purchasing through your school, options are 15mins (on campus) or 1hr blocks. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes early to your session as it will give you time to check in and get ready. Expect to be there a few minutes extra in case of any unforeseen delays.

Will you provide a drape/coat/tie and cap & gown?
When working with schools, schools usually provide us a cap & gown that correspond with the school colors and we’ll have it ready for you. We also have a few colors available for personal photo shoots in studio. If unsure, you may contact us directly and confirm.

For Her: We will provide you a drape and a place to change in and out will also be available.

For Him: We will provide you a coat, bow tie and normal size white collar shirt. Sizes available are S,M,L. Please plan to bring your own if you require specific sizing.

When is my payment due?
Payments are due on the day of the shoot during check in. A non-refundable deposit will be required to schedule the available 1hr sessions and greater. These deposits can be made online. Payments accepted are Cash, Card and Check.

Can you retouch my photo?
Of course, usually we will light retouch on anything major that is not normal of your appearance, like acne breakouts, a rash, bruise, or a recent cut of some sort. If you require specific retouching or you’d like more of a glamour look, we can discuss and provide you options.

What can I bring?
We strongly encourage you to bring your own props. If you play an instrument or sport, feel free to bring those for your senior photos.

What picture does my school get?
Your school receives the drape (her) and coat and tie (him) photos for the yearbook. Depending on your package, you may have multiple poses and what you receive printed is entirely up to you. Please check the packages available for your school and package purchased to see what you are entitled to. Contact us If you are still not sure.