Our Core Values

About our clients

Our clients are our number one priority. We work extra hard to ensure every senior portrait is as good as our abilities allow. We love paying attention to detail and engage with every senior in front of the lens. In turn, this allows us to create amazing images families will love to share.

About Families

As a husband and wife family operated business, we cherish the memories of families as our own. We celebrate the success of your senior, and are always excited to come up with unique images that reflect the unique qualities of every senior.


Casillas & Co. Team


Karin Casillas

Specialty: Portraits

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" -Platon

I really do believe this...  seeing the evolution of each person from the start of the session till the last shot taken.  we give you US.  Each virtue and each flaw, In turn we want to see YOU, the real you.  If we accomplish that with at least a few of you, we can consider ourselves lucky.

...a few things about me... I love, love, love, LIGHT and I am an inspirational quotes geek! :-)

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J Casillas

Specialty: Headshots

Hi I’m J! Pretty simple guy who loves making photographs and spending time with my wife and two daughters. I am fortunate to photograph rad seniors and headshots. As a member of the incredible Headshot Crew, you know fun and quality are always a must. I make my bed in LA, CA and am a sucker for assignments where I have the opportunity to travel.

The wife and I get inspired and motivated by quotes. Since she added one, I thought I should add one too, maybe gives you lil insight to our characters.

"When you have nothing is when you need to give" -TR

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Our Style

If you have ever worked with Casillas and Co., or soon will, you will find that Karin and I have very unique approaches, styles and visions in our shoots. From the way we engage with our subjects, to how we set up the lighting and camera settings, it’s an art in its own.

It’s always amazing to see the same subject, same wardrobe, same studio, same equipment, but a completely different vision and set of images. By combining Karin’s love for natural light and J’s addiction for complex lighting, we get the best of both worlds in every photo shoot.

Our Studio

We recently had the opportunity to move our Korea Town studio to our home. Dealing with bad traffic, limited parking for our clients and available space to shoot was big hassle.

Now, we are happy to open the doors of our home to you and enjoy the comforts of TVs to view the shoot, a conference table to select your images, snacks/food on select shoots and best of all music!

Our Gear

Many people think amazing images are created because of expensive gear… while we do use cutting edge equipment like Profoto in our lighting, Nikon and Canon for our cameras, they are no substitute for experience and hours upon hours dedicated to our craft.